WWE 2K20: developers promise to remedy the disaster

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 is a disaster, in no uncertain terms. Backward graphics, disconnected animations, bugs and glitches of all kinds affect production on all levels. A quick web tour is enough to come across numerous images and videos that testify to the bad work done.

The Visual Concepts developers have announced that they are already working to solve the reported problems (we would have been surprised to the contrary). Players who have decided to purchase the game on a day-one, however, will have to wait a full two weeks before downloading the first corrective patch, which will be followed by others later. “We are listening carefully to the feedback on WWE 2K20 and we are aware of the complaints reported by the players. We are working hard to analyze them and remedy them where necessary. The first patch should be ready in about two weeks, and others will come later”, reads the tweets published on the official social profile of the game series.

How come WWE 2K20 has arrived on the market in these conditions? Probably, due to the troubled development and the change of software house carried out during the race. This year, Visual Concepts inherited the development from Yuke’s, a historic team responsible for the series that decided to devote itself to something else. The authors of NBA 2K, evidently, have found it very difficult to work on assets made by another team, and the need to respect the release date chosen by the publisher probably did the rest. We hope that Visual Concepts will remedy the numerous problems of WWE 2K20.