Call of Duty: Modern Warfare how to get free emblems and pendants thanks to Twitch Drop


Thanks to a nice initiative made possible by the agreement between Activision and Twitch, it is now possible to unlock exclusive content in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare using the most popular streaming platform in the world.

Here are the rewards to be won by users who watch their favourite streamer play the first-person shooter:

  • ‘Poison Grapes’ spray – watch for 1 hour
  • ‘Looking Grim’ icon – watch for 2 hours
  • ‘Collect Your Soul’ emblem – watch for 3 hours
  • ‘Reap This’ pendant – watch for 4 hours

In order to be able to receive these contents, you must first log in to your Twitch and CallOfDuty profiles on the respective official websites. At this point, it will be enough for you to visit the page used for the connection between the two profiles and authorize everything. If everything went well (to see if the Twitch account has been successfully connected, just look at the COD website, in the “linked accounts” page), now all you have to do is look at a live one in which you are playing Modern Warfare. Be aware that the only live shows that allow the release of Twitch Drops are those with the following wording located just below the title: “Drop enabled! Look for the chance to earn rewards”.