Call of Duty Modern Warfare: how to unlock all operators


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it is possible to go down in battle in the role of several operators both in the online multiplayer mode and in the Spec Ops, or cooperative missions. Initially, you will have only two characters to choose from and, completing a series of objectives, you can unlock 18 more skins.

Each of the operators in question can be obtained simply by completing a series of more or less simple objectives, which range from completing a specific mission in history to killing with a specific type of weapon.

Here are all the operators and related challenges to complete to get them:



  • Thorne: Complete the Piccadilly campaign mission
  • Charly: Complete 25 public games
  • Otter: Complete Operation Paladin in West Verdansk


  • Domino: Win 5 games in Clash
  • Golem: Complete Operation Headhunter in Verdansk centre
  • Wyatt: Complete the mission of the Wolf’s Lair campaign

Demon Dogs

  • D-Day: Complete the mission of the Hunting campaign
  • Alice: Complete Herald Operation at East Verdansk
  • Raine: Perform 500 kills using light multiplayer machine guns



  • Minotaur: Perform 300 kills using assault rifles in multiplayer
  • Bale: Complete the In the Furnace campaign mission
  • Rodion: Complete Right Operation reward at Verdansk centre


  • Azur: Complete the mission of the Old Campaign campaign
  • Grinch: Perform 100 headshot kills in multiplayer
  • Zane: Complete all the coop missions assigned to Verdansk


  • Yegor: Complete the mission of the War by proxy campaign
  • Kreuger: Perform 25 final moves
  • Syd: Kill 5 Juggernaut on any coop mission

Each of the characters listed above also has a series of alternative costumes and colours that can be worn simply by visiting the operator selection screen.

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