Dreaming of GTA 6: is this the worst fake video leaked online to date?


Due to the now unsustainable wait for the announcement of the new chapter of Grand Theft Auto, a fan of the free-roaming epic of Rockstar Games decides to publish online a video of GTA 6 so obviously false to induce the community to react in a hilarious way to its diffusion.

In showing us this bizarre fake video of Grand Theft Auto 6, YouTuber sebastianduran17 claims to have filmed this piece of footage from an unspecified Instagram account which, he said, would have been deleted a few minutes after the publication of this burning heavy-screen trailer of the duration of only one second.

Despite the commitment shown by the content creator to reconstruct the whole affair in an attempt to confirm the authenticity of the leak, on YouTube the sarcastic tone of the comments on his video gives a good idea of the attitude taken by the community in the face of this kind of initiatives. Here are some of the nicest messages sent to comment on the video you find at the bottom of the news:

  • “I’m really sorry to disappoint you, but there’s a Mercedes parked right next to the sidewalk!”
  • “LoL, the guy’s resistance icon is the same as the Stamina of the Red Dead Redemption horse. 100% False”
  • “I think it’s the worst way to walk I’ve ever seen in a video game”
  • “What is it, a preliminary version of Red Dead Redemption on PC with GTA 5 mods ?!”

Compared to the author of this unlikely GTA 6 leak movie, the analyzes carried out by Grand Theft Auto fans on the Bully 2 leak of Rockstar India and on the clues on GTA 6 in the latest GTA Online updates are decidedly more constructive, and this regardless of their actual truthfulness.

In recent weeks, the most heated discussions on the next-gen open-world blockbuster of Rockstar Games have coincided with the spread of the first ingame images and a huge leak on gameplay map and GTA 6 characters.