Final Fantasy VII Remake: new screenshots and Kitase comment on the squat mini-game

Final Fantasy VII Remake

After having published the official Final Fantasy VII Remake box art, the official Twitter account of the game shared with the public additional and interesting contents.

In particular, some new screenshots offer a small glimpse of a specific area of the city of Midgar. These are the slums of Sector 7, with a shot that immortalizes, in particular, 7th Heaven, a bar and restaurant that offers Avalanche members a secure base from which to lean between one mission and another. Other images focus instead on the combat system of the game, enriched by the Tactical Mode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will allow players to slow down the action in battle. You can view the screenshots directly at the bottom of this news.

Furthermore, a short message is shared through the social network by Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the game. In the clip, the latter motivates the presence of the mini squat game within the title: ” From the moment we announced the remake, many fans began to speculate on how far we would go in reproducing the elements that made them great the original. We have devoted a lot of care and attention to the cutscene. Never a fan of the original also had great memories of things like squats. So even if they are just a small mini-games, the development team has had a great motivation in achieving them appropriately, and reproduce them with one modern style “.