Fortnite 2: how to get 75 V-Buck for free on October 27th

Fortnite Guide: How to Get Free V-Buck by Playing

There are still missions with V-Buck among the Fortnite Save the World rewards and today it is possible to collect at least 75 by completing a very simple mission set in the first area of the game.

Before starting with the list of missions, our advice is, as always, to complete the Daily Job, whose rewards range from 50 to 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:


  • Ride the Lightning, Forest (Recommended Home Base Level 15) – 25 V-Buck, Project Experience Points, Hero Experience Points, Seasonal Gold, 50 Event Tickets

Fortunately, today’s mission requires a very low level and it is unlikely that any Fortnite Save the World co-op player will be unable to access it. Otherwise, you can always ask a friend for help via the private lobby, a system that allows you to ignore the level limits. To create a private party, simply open the drop-down menu at the top right, select Privacy and set it to “Friends only”.