Monster Hunter World Iceborne roadmap for PC: Capcom already thinks of the future

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Two More New Weapons Unveiled by Capcom

A few days ago, Capcom finally unveiled the launch date for Monster Hunter World Iceborne for PC, set for January 9th 2020. Although it still lacks several months, the Japanese company has already outlined the first phases of the post-launch support to which it will meet the expansion already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The first free update (ver. 11.50.00) will see the light at the beginning of February, about a month after the publication of the expansion, and will introduce the Rajang, an extremely fierce tusk monster in possession of the power of electricity, the crossover event with Resident Evil 2 and the housing functionality. The second free update (ver. 12.00.00) will be published at the beginning of March and will introduce new unspecified monsters into the game.

The intention is to make available, over time, all the free updates already arrived on the console, with the ultimate goal of catching up and publishing all future updates simultaneously on all platforms. The PC version of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, we recall, will offer high-resolution textures, support for 4K resolution, unlocked framerates, compatibility with Ultrawide 21: 9 and DirectX 12 monitors, and optimized mouse/keyboard controls.