Pokémon GO, a GO Rocket Team leader spotted! Special event coming up


Professor Willow has been updating the Pokémon GO community frequently on his new discoveries for several days now: Is there anything new in the mobile game?

It appears that the scholar is keeping a detailed record of all his discoveries relating to the dangerous GO Rocket Team. It all began with Professor Willow recovering some mysterious objects, abandoned by the members of the evil organization defeated in battle and named by him as Mysterious Components. From the latter, the special Rocket radar prototype was later developed: with the latter, Professor Willow, accompanied by Blanche, threw himself in search of the GO Rocket Team leaders.

However, the instrument still does not seem to work properly and only led the two towards random Pokéstops. At some point, Willow reports, ” something unexpected happened: instead of finding a GO Rocket Team leader, one of them found us .” This is Cliff, already appeared in the corrupted files recovered by the Professor of Pokémon GO inside his PC. The latter warned the two that they were ” invading the territory of the GO Rocket Team ” and threateningly invited them to retrace their steps. For the moment, Willow and Blanche have decided to avoid a confrontation.

What will the significance of this new update be: that Pokémon GO is preparing to welcome a new one vent dedicated to the Go Rocket Team? To find out, we just have to wait for more information from Professor Willow!