Pokémon Sword and Shield: no regrets about choosing to limit Galar’s Pokédex

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Despite being among the most anticipated games of the year, Pokémon Sword and Shield continue to generate some doubts among longtime fans. In particular, many have not yet digested the decision to exclude numerous monsters from previous generations from the Galar Region.

It seems, in any case, that the team has not regretted this decision at all, continuing to defend it firmly. Speaking with the VG247 editors, the historic producer Junichi Masuda said: “What we try to do when we think about the future is to make the game as interesting as possible, so as to create an enjoyable and rich experience for the fans. For example, when we add new moves all we do is create a deeper experience for everyone. This time, we will be bringing to link players with Pokémon in the game in an even more profound, something that we think is very important. Therefore, no we have absolutely no regrets about what we have done “.

Players interested in collecting all their Pokémon scattered on 3DS, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in one place, will have Pokémon Home, a cross-platform cloud service (evolution of the Pokémon Bank) coming out at the beginning of 2020. ” To collect all the Pokémon of the previous games we will launch Pokémon Home – another place where players can gather the monsters of the previous generations and enjoy a new way to interact with them, “ Masuda explained finally. Pokémon Sword and Shield, remember, will be launched exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Have you already consulted the list with the eighth generation Pokémon already presented?