Super Mario Odyssey is two years old: best wishes to the Nintendo Switch game!

Super Mario Odyssey

2017 saw the debut of Nintendo Switch on the gaming market: the first year of the new console was accompanied by several productions of the Kyoto House.

Among the latter, Super Mario Odyssey certainly stands out, a title that marked the return of the iconic Nintendo hydraulic in a new 3D adventure. Accompanied by the trusted Cappy, our Mario has embarked on a veritable Odyssey, crossing a myriad of worlds to rejoin Peach, kidnapped by the evil Bowser. From the skyscrapers of New Donk City to the sunny beaches of the Kingdom of the Sea, passing through the bizarre Kingdom of the Stoves, the intrepid character has crossed snowy landscapes and faced opponents of all kinds, even facing a T-Rex!

Exactly two years after the publication of Super Mario Odyssey on the hybrid console, Nintendo celebrates the second birthday! At the bottom, find a dedicated twitter published by Nintendo UK, which brings back to the public the Super Mario Odyssey trailer, invariably accompanied by the notes of “Jump Up, Superstar!”. The appreciated production landed on the market on October 27th 2017: did you play it? What was the Kingdom that most enjoyed you?

Super Mario Odyssey is the best-selling 3D Mario ever and has recently reached two million copies sold in Japan.