What will PS5 look like? PlayStation fans try to imagine it in so many renderings!


PlayStation 5 is a reality: Sony has confirmed its existence for a while, as well as offering a taste of the technical specifications and unveiling the launch window, namely Christmas 2020. Gamers, in any case, are hungry for new information and, above all, they are curious to find out what the new console looks like.

How will PlayStation 5 be made? Almost certainly, it will be very different from the spaceship-shaped development kit, characterized by an impressive V-shaped ventilation system, sent to the studios around the world. Since Sony continues to maintain the strictest secrecy in this regard, the people of the web have had to manage on their own unleashing their imagination. In recent times a bunch of concepts and render made by the fans have appeared on the net, which has shaped their personal version of PS5.

The models created by the players, poised between the plausible and the imaginative, are certainly very interesting to see: some follow the shapes of the previous Sony home consoles, while others are characterized by simple and clean designs. Someone actually went further, imagining PS5 as a floating sphere or a USB stick to attach to the TV. Some fans have even tried to shape the new PS5 controller, which according to Sony’s claims will offer haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

We have collected the most interesting concepts and renderings in the gallery at the bottom of this news. Let us know which one is your favourite! Meanwhile, rumours continue to circulate on PlayStation 5’s Zen 2 CPU, according to which it will have a frequency of 3.2 GHz and will help make PS5 the fastest console in the world.