Besides PT: will we see Kojima at work on a horror game in the future? The Director answers


In the past, Hideo Kojima had worked at PT, an interactive teaser linked to the Silent Hill series. However, the project was later subject to cancellation.

Guest of the Cologne Film Festival, the author of the Metal Gear Saga was asked if in the future he will dedicate himself to a horror game. Intriguing the answer offered by the game director: ” Yes, I want to make a horror game one day. Yes, certainly. Because I have some new ideas […]. I don’t know when “. Kojima then pointed out that, in the cinema, it is possible to close one’s eyes to particularly scary scenes, but, he continues, “in games, things are different from movies“.

By virtue of the interactive component intrinsic to the video game, if you do not want to tackle a scene, you simply will not continue to play with the title, interrupting your experience with it. “I would like to create a horror game – he continues – but I still don’t have a good solution for this. “This theme, underlines the game director, had actually emerged even during the works on PT, and also the director Guillermo Del Toro, who collaborated in the development he had shared this reflection.

What do you think? Would you like to see the author at work on a horror game? Kojima is already devoting himself to a new project, while on Friday 8 November he will enter the Death Stranding market.