Call of Duty Modern Warfare sends bricks to Xbox One X? Absolutely impossible

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Since day one some cases of problems of compatibility between Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Xbox One X have been reported, with the console, in unspecified situations, it would crash at game start. But can the new COD also cause the total brick of Xbox One X? Absolutely not, so let’s be clear.

In the past few hours, the official Subreddit of Call of Duty has seen the presence of some messages that talked about a ” tried the Xbox One X brick after launching Call of Duty Modern Warfare “, however, none of the cases mentioned was actually proven and there are no photographic or video testimonials that can give credit to this thesis.

Infinity Ward says that ” being at work with Microsoft to solve crash problems on Xbox One X ” is however very dubious about the fact that the game can cause the console brick and invites players affected to make a hard reset business suit.

Of the same opinion is a user on Reddit known as Jason Todd, known for his always very precise and punctual technical opinions: ” No recent game has led to the bricks of a console, although in the past the cases of Anthem and Borderlands have been cited, but never documented. The game should erase the console OS and lead to overheating and even bypass the motherboard’s security controls … in short, it is absolutely impossible for this to happen. “

Recently the Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch 1.04 was published, which also partially solves the crashes on Xbox One X, other updates are expected soon, but you can rest assured about the brick, the new COD will not damage your console in any way.