Fortnite: the Misfits player, Clix, victim of yet another swatting episode


The Fortnite Cody player and professional streamer ” Clix ” Conrad, under the Misfits organization, during his live streaming of the Fortnite Champion Series was the victim of yet another episode of ” swatting “.

Clix had to suddenly leave the stream and leave his teammates due to police intervention. The player warned his companions and spectators that he had been “swatted”.

” The police are here, ” said the player whose voice can be heard among those of his live companions, ” I just got swatted .”

Fortunately, unlike what happened on other occasions, there were no consequences.

The player then vented on social media, stating ” Swatting is disgusting, what’s the point? ” Clix is just the latest in a series of streamer that have been victims of barbaric practice and is not even the first Fortnite player to fall victim to the tacky joke.

Shortly after taking home the Fortnite World Cup victory, 16-year-old Kyle ” Bugha ” Giersdorf was also swatted during a stream, where he had to answer questions from the police, who had intervened in his home.

It seems, therefore, that the episodes do not hint at stopping even though the dead man escaped some time ago and for the episode the confessed guilty Tyler Barriss was convicted and ended up in jail.