New Kingdom Hearts in process? Square Enix job ads ignite hopes!

Kingdom Hearts in process

Kingdom Hearts 3 entered the gaming market at the dawn of 2019, offering fans of Sora, Pippo, and Topolino a new great adventure through multiple worlds.

During the month of September, fans of the saga were able to take a look at a new trailer for DLC Re: Mind. The additional content dedicated to the last chapter of the Hearts Realm saga is now still lacking a precise publication date. The DLC, however, may not be the only Kingdom Hearts- a themed project currently being worked on at Square Enix’s studios.

In particular, as you can see at the bottom of this news, several Twitter accounts linked to the Kingdom Hearts fan community signal an interesting sighting. Specifically, these are job advertisements linked to the Square Enix team based in the Japanese city of Osaka. In fact, several jobs were opened in the latter for which, it is reported, the reference would be made to ” HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series “. The sought after figures are:

  • UI Designer;
  • Technical Artist;
  • Effect Designer;

That the software house has already in the pipeline a new title dedicated to the famous series? For now, there are no official confirmations to this effect. Waiting for any further details, let us remember that, again during the month of September, Nomura had announced new developments coming for the Kingdom Hearts saga.