New Super Lucky’s Tale: a new Gameplay video for the Nintendo Switch version

New Super Lucky's Tale

The journey of Super Lucky’s Tale does not seem destined to stop. The Playful Studios platform has in fact debuted on Oculus and then moved to Xbox One and finally landed on the large N hybrid console with a renewed version.

The developers, in fact, did not perform a simple porting but they proceeded to create a completely new version for the Nintendo Switch that takes the name of New Super Lucky’s Tale, with new moves, new levels, worlds designed from scratch and improved shots. The colleagues of Nintendo Life have been able to try some of the new contents including the level called Ripe Rollers, which seems to want to recall the quality of more famous titles. Ripe Rollers is a 2D level with many collectible items and challenging puzzle phases, particularly suited to the Nintendo console. The Veggie Village, one of the redesigned hubs, also features new animations and a completely redesigned layout.

In short, Playful Studios wanted to redesign the Lucky’s Tale experience to adapt it to the Switch, also thanks to the uninspiring results obtained previously. Will they have succeeded? We’ll find out soon. New Super Lucky’s Tale, of which you can read our tried, will be released on November 8 on Nintendo Switch.