Overwatch 2 and BlizzCon: features and game logo at the center of a new rumor!

Overwatch 2

Since this summer, several speculations linked to the development of an Overwatch 2 have been chased online. Recently the “Metro” insider suggested that Blizzard could announce the game at BlizzCon 2019.

The user, through his Twitter profile, had also offered several alleged details about Overwatch 2. Now, to throw more fuel on the fire, more rumors come, originating this time from the ESPN portal. According to the latter, who cites ” a BlizzCon source and a BlizzCon training document “, the official announcement of Overwatch 2 could come during the event, accompanied by the presentation of ” a new logo, new modes, maps, heroes and PvE features ” . The portal also shows an image of the alleged logo of the new Overwatch, which you can view at the beginning of this news. ESPN also reports that elements of PvE should be available for a trial for users who will be present at the 2019 edition of BlizzCon.

As usual in the case of rumors and alleged leaks, we remind readers that the latter do not constitute official information and should, therefore, be interpreted with due caution: they could, in fact, prove to be partly or totally incorrect. Fortunately, to find out if there is a fund of truth behind these rumors, the wait will not be long: BlizzCon will indeed start next Friday, November 1st. According to further speculation, the event could also host the announcement of Diablo 4.