Still Spellbinding: Is The Warlock Good in WoW Classic?

WoW Classic

The Warlock is one of the best spellcasting classes – or even simply class –in vanilla WoW, and for good reason. Now, with WoW Classic, a version of the game that is meant to strictly have Vanilla WoW-only content, the class has risen back to prominence and is once again worth spending copious amounts of WoW Classic gold on.

Dealing with the Dark Arts

The Warlock is mostly defined by its ability to summon demonic pets to aid him or her, draining and damage-over-time spells, and spells that outright deal damage. There are those, however, that question whether it was even good in the first place. Of course, such doubts are baseless. While other spellcasting classes have their own strong suits, what sets the Warlock apart is the fact that it has good DPS and a lot of survivability.

Also, what makes Warlocks stand out is that instead of specializing in one particular tree, it’s usually built in such a way that it’s hybridized by getting higher-tier skills from the three trees. But despite that, there are still many build variations.

Building Up Your Magic

There are two kinds of builds: raiding and PVP. Starting with the former, let’s begin with the Shadow Mastery/Ruin build. Trading DPS for utility, it uses a pet in raids and supports tanks by giving them an HP boost. The Master Demonologist build is another solid one for raiding. However, this is more DPS-oriented. The best part about this build is that tanks won’t have much trouble keeping aggro.

Lastly, for the raiding builds, Demonic Sacrifice build is arguably one of the best. Its biggest drawback is that it requires the pet Succubus to be sacrificed, which means fewer defenses for tanks, but it more than makes up for it with its immense damage. The problem, however, is that the damage it deals with can be so high that tanks can have difficulty keeping up. But that is a good kind of problem that is more easily remedied than having too little DPS.

As for PVP, there’s a version of the Shadow Mastery/Ruin build that eschews tackiness so that it can be more sustainable and have higher DPS. And if you’re willing to have even more DPS at the cost of defense, the Conflagration builds are for you. Although they’re quite vulnerable to being ganged up on and don’t last long in team fights, they are one of the best World of Warcraft classes in 1v1 or duel situations, and their bursts can whittle enemies at full HP down to zero.

Race to be the Best

While the Warlock is available to many World of Warcraft races, it can’t be denied that there are specific ones that suit the class best. For the Alliance, it’s the Gnome, thanks to its Expansive Mind passive skill, which increases Intelligence by 5%. And in PVP, they have access to Escape Artist, which allows them to escape any immobilization or movement speed reduction.

For the Horde, both Undead and Orc are good choices. The former has Will of the Forsaken, which grants the caster immunity to Charm, Fear, and Sleep, or cure such ailments. On the other hand, Orcs get the Command passive, which boosts Warlock and Hunter’s pets attack by 5%. They also have Hardiness, which gives a 25% resistance to being stunned. It’s a rather important passive, as it’s a common ailment thatRogues, which are perhaps the most common class the Warlock has trouble within PVP, inflict.

Indeed, the Warlock is a great choice if you’re unsure what spellcasting class to start with. So, if you’ve decided to try this one out, what are you waiting for? Hop on in WoW Classic and see why this class was the talk of the town back then!