The Witcher 3 x Cyberpunk 2077: a spectacular Geralt cosplay fuses the two worlds!

The Witcher 3

The imagery created by CD Projekt RED in his The Witcher 3 has remained in the heart of many gamers, who do not hesitate to dedicate multiple creations to the charismatic protagonist.

The valiant Geralt of Rivia has become the protagonist of a huge quantity of tributes, some of which have tried to merge the universe of Strigo with that of Cyberpunk 2077, a new product currently in development at the studios of the Polish team. For example, the artist known as ” R X” used his skills to create a Geralt in a Cyberpunk sauce. Now, a new Strigo fan offers a truly admirable cosplay.

This is an active user on Reddit with the like of ” Taryn_Cosplay “, who recently shared a snapshot on the well-known forum dedicated to his own reinterpretation of the character. In the image, which you can see directly at the bottom of this news, we can observe a decidedly peculiar version of Geralt, which abandons the tones of medieval fantasy to dress those of the futuristic universe of Cyberpunk 2077. Entitled ” The Witcher 2077 “, the shot is the work of DCphotocosplay. What do you think of the result?

"The Witcher 2077". My Geralt of Rivia cosplay got Cyberpunked for my latest photoshoot. I would love to play a side quest as the White Wolf in Cyberpunk 2077! [cosplay by me, ph DCphotocosplay] from cyberpunkgame