Call of Duty: Modern Warfare a leak reveals the new maps coming in via DLC?


As reported by Charlie Intel, YouTuber TheGamingRevoYT has discovered the names of some of the next maps that will be added to Call of Duty Modern Warfare via DLC. Although there are no confirmations in this regard, the site claims to have received the information from a reliable and secure source.

Below we present the list of new DLC maps of Call of Duty Modern Warfare as disseminated by leakers, apparently including Crash, Terminal, Broadcast, Vacant, Wet Work and four extra maps for Terrestrial War and three for Gunfight.

New Maps Call of Duty Modern Warfare

  • Wet Work (6v6)
  • Vacant (6v6)
  • Broadcast (6v6)
  • Scrapyard (6v6)
  • Rust (6v6 and Gunfight)
  • Farah
  • Terminal (6v6)
  • Crash (6v6)
  • Boneyard
  • Caged
  • Hook
  • Ground War – 4 new maps
  • Gunfight – 3 new maps

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has grossed $600 million in three days, surpassing even the debut of Hollywood blockbusters such as The Joker, a clear sign of Activision’s hype around this new project.