Fortnite 2: Guide and Tricks to defeat the Storm King


With the release of the Fortnite 11.10 update, Epic Games’ battle royale players can devote themselves to the time-limited King of Storm mode. In this mini-guide, we give you some tips to defeat the final boss.

Furthermore, eliminating the Storm King is one of the challenges of Fortnite’s 2 nightmare proposals during the 2019 Halloween event. Let’s see some strategies and some tricks to follow to defeat this powerful boss.

Pay attention to the ray of the Storm King

As you face the Storm King, be careful when preparing to hurl his powerful energy beam. It will be launched from the center towards the edge of the arena, and if it hits you you will immediately be shot down. When you see the ray moving towards you, you will have a few seconds to avoid it. Learn to predict its movements, so as to reduce the risk of being affected.

Revive your teammates

It is likely that many of your companions will be killed during the battle. Be sure to revive them, approaching them when they are slumped to the ground. You can transport them to a safer place, or build a protective barrier around them to facilitate the healing process. Teamwork is of paramount importance to overcome the Storm King, and reanimating comrades is the key to relying on greater collective firepower.

Use the purple craters to move quickly

Inside the map, there are small craters that emit a purple glow. You can use them to move quickly, passing over them to make them hurl into the air. They can be very useful in different situations, so take advantage of them to gain speed when you need to escape from the horde, or quickly reach a certain point in the arena.

Eliminate the demons to recharge ammo and supplies

After the initial crates have run out, the only way to get more ammo and supplies is to destroy the demons. Shooting demons will also increase your shield, allowing you to withstand more enemy attacks. Better objects and weapons can be obtained by destroying the monoliths from which the demons are born, so don’t neglect to attack them when you have the opportunity to destroy them.

Don’t spend too much time building

Breaking down some structures can help you keep the horde at bay, which is especially useful when you are treating or reviving a teammate, but don’t waste too much time building something more complex than the basic structures. At regular intervals, during the fight, the Storm King will launch an area explosion that destroys all the structures in the arena, wiping out any protection you might have created for you and your team. Generally, a few walls are enough to give you some cover from the demons, and no structure can protect you from the Ray of the Storm.

Make the most of the weak points of the Storm King

In some phases of the fight against the Storm King, the players have the opportunity to hit the weak points of the boss, with the possibility of inflicting a greater amount of damage before reaching the final phase of the fight. Make the most of these opportunities by hitting the points highlighted in yellow.