Alien Isolation for Nintendo Switch: the new gameplay video reveals the contents of the port

Alien Isolation

The authors of Feral Interactive decide to end the long media fast started with the announcement of Alien Isolation for Switch during E3 2019 to show us a video that confirms the arrival by the end of 2019 of the sci-fi horror porting of SEGA on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

The trailer made by the English developers takes us back to the USS Sulaco space station to let us hunt one more time by the Xenomorfo wearing the clothes of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the famous Ellen protagonist of the major chapters of Alien’s horror saga.

In addition to the original campaign, the Nintendo Switch version of Alien Isolation will include all the contents of the seven DLCs that have characterized the post-launch period from 2014 to today, including the final “Unica Survivor” mission dedicated to Ellen Ripley and hell that has had to suffer on the USCSS Nostromo to face the threat represented by the ruthless extraterrestrial creature of the cult film of 1979.

Fans of subjective horror adventures who will play Alien Isolation on the “standard” version of Switch will also be able to take advantage of the docked mode of the console and, above all, the HD Rumble function of the two Joy-Con.