Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: 140 leaf tickets as a gift, here’s how to get them

Animal Crossing

While fans of the saga can’t wait to learn more about the new chapter coming to Nintendo Switch (by the way, have you read the latest leak on Animal Crossing New Horizons ?), The mobile version of the game, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, it is even more active than ever.

In fact, Nintendo ‘s game still has a very active community, so the Kyoto company is continuing to support it. November 21 will be an important day for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp because it marks the second anniversary since the game.

To celebrate, the team has prepared a nice surprise for all users, who can earn as many as 140 leaf tickets for free in the next two weeks. To get them, you need to log in at least once for the next 14 days, and you will receive 10 leaf tickets a day as a reward.

A nice way for Nintendo to thank all active players, isn’t it?