Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Guide best perks and skills for each style of play


In Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it is possible to equip 3 perks at a time, in order to personalize your operator with a specific skill set. In this mini-guide, we recommend the best combinations of perk to using for each style of play.

In COD Modern Warfare multiplayer games you can alternate different approaches, choosing the one that best suits the various situations. Do you want to prefer firepower? Do you need a build based on speed or stealth maneuvers? Do you prefer to play in attack or defense?

After having shown you how to unlock all the operators, below we explain how to customize them by choosing the combinations of perk best suited to your style of play.

Best perk to play in attack

Recommended perks: Scavenger, Kill Chain, Tracker

If you want to unlock and use COD Modern Warfare killstreaks more easily, in order to unleash all their power on the battlefield and become devastating in attack, this perk combination will do for you. Tracker, in particular, will help you see enemy tracks and hide those of the opponents you eliminate.

Kill Chain, which unlocks at level 34, lengthens the amount of time it takes to use killstreaks. In this way, all the kills accumulated during the killstreaks are counted for the next series of kills, speeding up obtaining the most powerful ones. Think of the effectiveness of this build when using airstrikes and in general all killstreaks that can kill a large number of enemies in a short window of time.

Scavenger also assures you of not running out of ammunition while trying to stay alive for as long as possible.

Best perk to playing defense

Recommended perks: EOD, High Alert, Battle-Hardened

Staying alive is as important as inflicting damage. There are some options to increase the resistance to damage and the speed with which to regenerate health following an attack.

EOD reduces the damage suffered by explosives (not from killstreak) and from fire. It also allows you to hack enemy Claymore, Proximity Mines, and C4. Battle Hardened reduces the effectiveness of the flash and of the enemy EMP grenades, and it’s stunning immediately. High Alert, on the other hand, warns you when an enemy outside your field of vision has noticed you.

With these equipped perks, you will increase your chances of survival in a wide variety of situations.

Best perk to increase firepower

Recommended perks: Overkill, Hardline, Shrapnel

This build will help you inflict damage more efficiently and quickly.

Overkill unlocks at level 8 and allows you to carry two primary weapons during multiplayer games, with all the advantages of the case. Thanks to the Hardline perk, moreover, every killstreak will cost a kill less, so you can get them faster.

This goes well with Shrapnel which allows you to return to the battlefield with an extra piece of lethal equipment. This perk also ensures that the explosive damage delays the regeneration of the enemy’s health. When an enemy is cornered, Shrapnel is a great way to prevent him from regaining strength and reversing the situation in his favor.

Best perk to increase speed

Recommended perks: Double Time, High Alert, Amped

Moving faster than enemies and reloading weapons quickly are two key benefits to staying alive in Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer games. Double Time is great for maximizing your walking speed. This perk doubles the duration of your Sprint and is available from the beginning.

Tune-Up and Amped will also help you keep up with your opponents. The first reduces the reload time of field updates by one third and the second increases the speed of changing weapons and the reload speed of the rocket launcher.

Best perk to play in stealth mode

Recommended perks: Cold Blooded, Ghost, Spotter

Modern Warfare offers a great variety of perks to play stealthily.

Cold-Blooded makes you invisible to IA targeting systems and thermal optics and guarantees immunity to instant grenades. This perk unlocks at level 29, but before getting it you can use Double Time instead.

Both perks pair up well with Ghost, an ability that makes players undetectable by radar drones, sensors, and UAVs. However, you won’t unlock Ghost until you reach level 24, so in the meantime, you’ll have to settle for another sneak peek like High Alert.

In the last slot, you can choose from a pair of perfect perks to stay in the shadows and keep an eye on your opponents. Tracker and Spotter will help you to watch out for enemy positions. The second one, in particular, allows you to see through the walls to identify enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreak, with the ability to signal them to your companions.

Remember that to unlock the perks you will need to earn experience points and level up. To speed up this process, you can follow our mini-guide that tells you how to level up quickly in Modern Warfare.