Diablo 4: lots of new juicy rumors. Will the game be darker and darker?

Diablo 4

There is now only one day to the beginning of BlizzCon 2019 in which, in addition to some predictable controversy due to the Blitzchung case, some interesting announcements are also expected, one of which is Diablo 4.

There is a lot of anticipation for the great return of the saga, and after the last leaks on Diablo 4, a rumor recently released on ResetEra, it only adds to the fan hype towards the game, also because it seems to have been confirmed by ZhugeEX, one of the most well-known and generally reliable analysts of the videogame scene.

According to reports, Diablo 4 will be much darker than the previous one. The tones will be darker, and the locations peppered with corpses, desolate lands, cities hit by plague and calamities, rotting crypts and so on. The maps will then be larger and the characters will now be able to ride horses and probably other types of animals. Even blood now has a more realistic color.

The confirmed classes would be three: magician (who uses fire, ice, and lightning, for the moment), barbarian (swords, bats, axes, etc.) and druid (lightning, wind and can be transformed into animals, until now bears and werewolves).

The rumor alludes to the possible presence of PvP from the beginning while asserting that for sure there will be the co-op for 4 players. In short, Diablo 4 looks much more like the acclaimed Diablo 2 and will have a more serious and “dark” tone than the last chapter.

What do you think? Would you like a Diablo 4 with these features?