Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Goku fights in the video of Paris Games Week 2019


The top spheres of Bandai Namco and the developers of CyberConnect 2 offer us a new video game of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot to celebrate their participation in the Paris Games Week 2019.

The trailer shown to us at the French videogame event outlines the contours of the graphic, narrative and gameplay experience of the next epic action roleplay centered on Goku and the iconic characters of the Akira Toriyama manga.

The aim of our heroes will be to counter the threat posed by the evil Red Ribbon Army and the ranks of aliens that will attempt to disrupt the lives of the inhabitants of the Earth. Drawing on the rich sample of abilities and powers of the individual protagonists of Dragon Ball Z, the playful offer of Kakarot promises to make the lovers of the Toriyama saga happy through frantic battles and a deep RPG module focused on the free exploration of the environments ( here you will find more information on the game map) and on the interaction with its many inhabitants.

The release of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is scheduled for January 17 next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In this regard, we remind those who await the release of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot the latest open-world adventure focused on Goku is one of the protagonists of Lucca Comics and Games along with another ambitious title signed Bandai Namco, namely One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows.