Epic Store gives SOMA and Costume Quest: upcoming free games on PC announced

Epic Store

The leaders of Epic Games relaunch the new weekly initiative on the free games of the Epic Store and, from the pages of their digital store, allow us to download SOMA and Costume Quest.

The option to make the free download of the unusual roleplay adventure of Double Fine Productions and the sci-fi-themed survival horror theme of Frictional Games will remain active on the Epic Games Store from yesterday, Thursday 31 October, until the evening of Thursday 7 November. As was the case in past EGS weekly promotions, once again it will be possible to redeem an unlimited time code that will allow you to keep the two games in question in your digital game library without any limitation whatsoever.

With the arrival of SOMA and Costume Quest among the free games of the Epic Store, there is also confirmation of the upcoming titles that will be part of the promotional initiative of Epic Games, namely Nuclear Throne and Ruiner.

The roguelike shooter in arcade sauce with a view from above Vlambeer and the violent twin-stick shooter that marks the debut of Reikon Games will be available via the all free on EGS starting Thursday 7 November, at the end of the current offer involving the titles of Frictional Games and Double Fine. What do you think about the free games on this and next week’s Epic Store? Speaking of EGS, did you know that a few days ago the Epic store redone the look?