Fortnite 2: where to find the hidden T on the Pact of the Dock screen


After completing the Pact of Dersena missions, Fortnite 2 players can search for the hidden letter T on the loading screen of week 4. In this mini-guide we explain where to find it, showing its position within the map.

Once you have completed the Pact of Dersena missions, you will unlock the relevant secret loading screen containing the clue on the position of the letter T. After deciphering it, we show you where to find the letter T on the island of Fortnite 2.

The position of the hidden letter T on the Pact of Dersena screen

As you can see on the map shown at the bottom of the page, the letter T hidden in the Patto Della Dersena loading screen is located in Moli Molesti, at the top of the bridge that connects the two orange cranes.

If you have completed the Pact of Dersena missions, then, to get the letter T you just need to land at Moli Molesti, locate the two orange cranes, climb to the top of the bridge, get closer to the letter and interact with it to collect it, just as shown in the video proposed at the beginning.

Do you need a hand to complete the Pact of Dersena missions?