Apex Legends: the mobile version has a launch window

Apex Legends: the mobile version has a launch window

As you have surely read during the last few days, Electronic Arts have announced that Apex Legends is a success thanks to its 70 million players and in the coming years, it will concentrate a good part of its strength on the shooter Respawn Entertainment and on other titles to continuous support.

The plans of Electronic Arts also include the publication of a version dedicated to smartphones and tablets of Apex Legends, which however will not arrive on the market before the fiscal year 2021, or between October 1, 2020, and September 30, 2021. In short, there it will take at least another year before you can fly over the World Boundaries on your mobile devices. Furthermore, according to the words of Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, the company intends to re-launch the competitive Apex Legends with a new program of which we will soon have all the details.

Of course, the future of the game will also involve next-generation consoles, and support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett has been confirmed since their market debut. Unfortunately, we do not know if the game will be modified from a graphics point of view or the next-gen version will only increase the resolution and framerate of the game that we are now used to knowing.

Waiting to find out more details about Respawn’s next move, we remind you that a limited-time Apex Legends event will be coming soon that will introduce the pairing mode.