Death Stranding: Famitsu celebrates it with a wonderful cover by Yoji Shinkawa


Next week the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu will return to newsstands with a new issue focused on Death Stranding: this is not surprising since the new Hideo Kojima game is about to be published. What really caught our attention is actually the beautiful cover.

The traits are unmistakable, and a glance is enough to recognize the pencil that created the wonderful artwork: it is Yoji Shinkawa, a famous character and mech designer of the Metal Gear series who participated in Death Stranding as artistic director. The drawing features the face of the main character Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, next to which is the mysterious character of Mads Mikkelsen. Below, however, is the Amelie by Lindsey Wagner. You can admire the cover in all its splendor at the bottom of this news: what do you think?