Death Stranding: Rick and Morty protagonists of a fun spot

Death Stranding

Sony PlayStation has decided to advertise the launch of Death Stranding not only through the publication of the launch trailer-mounted by Hideo Kojima himself but also with a nice movie made in collaboration with Adult Swim.

In the short but hilarious video, we see Rick and Morty arguing animatedly about what to do with poor Bridge Baby and, among the various hypotheses considered, there is also that of eating the poor newborn to get some special skills. In short, this is a bizarre gag that will delight both fans of the series and gamers who can’t wait to get their hands on Kojima Productions’ latest work.

Before leaving the movie, we remind you that the game will hit the shelves of all stores starting next Friday, November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 PRO. The PC version of the game, announced just a few days ago, will make its debut only during the summer of 2020 and more port details have not yet been announced, except that it will be published by 505 Games. In the last few hours an unboxing video of the wonderful Death Stranding PlayStation 4 PRO has also been released, which has now run out in all stores.

Did you know that the famous Metal Gear Solid designer Yoji Shinkawa designed the cover of Famitsu with a Death Stranding theme?