Diablo 4 will not have an offline mode, the release date will not arrive soon


During the day yesterday, on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of BlizzCon 2019, Diablo 4 was finally announced and, in the following hours, the developers have unbuttoned themselves on the game by providing a wealth of information on gameplay and the game world.

Among these we find the answer to a very frequent question from the players, that is the absence of an offline mode. It seems that the game does not allow users in any way to start a game without having an active internet connection, justifying this choice with the presence of a shared world in which you can meet other players and decide to trade, collide or collaborate in one of the public events or dungeons present in the five regions. In short, the MMO style approach of Diablo 4 will make it an “always online” game.

It also seems that the release date of the Blizzard title will not arrive soon and it is therefore very likely that the arrival of the game on the shelves will take place after the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, platforms on which it could be available at launch.