Dragon Ball meets God of War in a beautiful fan-made design


Dragon Ball and God of War are two quite different works, one of oriental origin, the other Western. Nevertheless, both have incredibly powerful beings as protagonists and repeatedly explore the concept of divinity. It is not rare, therefore, to come across fans of both series, some of which are also very talented.

One in particular, which on Reddit calls itself AFatKidOnASeesaw, has created a wonderful fan-art that serves as a perfect meeting point between the two works. The author has relied on the parallelism between Kratos / Atreus and Maestro Muten / Goku, focusing on the relationship between student and teacher, and tried to imagine what the two Dragon Ball characters would look like if they fell into the narrative universe of the last God of War. Here is Maestro Muten, in his most powerful form ever, with the right tricks and the Leviathan in his hand has become a perfect variant of Kratos. The small Goku, with a bow in his hands, turned into Atreus instead. Find the wonderful artwork attached at the bottom of this news, let us know what you think!

About the game of Santa Monica Studio, the director Cory Barlog stated that he would like to see God of War on PC, but unfortunately, the final decision is not up to him, but to Sony that holds all the rights of the franchise.