God of War on PC? Cory Barlog: “I’d love to, but I’m not Kojima”

God of War on PC

The announcement of Death Stranding for PC, a game in which Sony has invested many resources – both monetary for marketing and technology with the support of Guerrilla Games for the Tenth Engine – has surprised many players.

The news, in reality, did not come as a bolt from the blue, since the possibility had already been discussed in the past. In any case, it has prompted many players to imagine the arrival of other intellectual properties of Sony on PC. A fan, in particular, would like to be able to play God of War in its native form on PC, and did not hesitate to write to the director Cory Barlog to let him know: “It is time for God of War to become playable natively on PC, sir”.

Barlog’s answer turned out to be quite interesting: “You know, I’d love to. Unfortunately, the decision is above my salary. As is well known, I’m not Hideo Kojima”. Apparently, the director would really like to see the Spartan’s last trip on PC too, but the final decision lies with Sony, which holds all the rights of the franchise. Furthermore, he added that he is not as influential as Hideo Kojima, who apparently managed to convince Sony to take the title on PC, though later.

We would like to clarify that, in a certain way, God of War is already playable on PC: the title has recently found its place in the PlayStation Now catalog, as part of Sony’s new policy that involves adding high-budget titles to regular and for a limited time. Subscribers, therefore, can play it on PC in streaming at 720p resolution: it’s not like playing it natively, but certainly better than nothing.