The Terminator Resistance rebel machines are back in action in new gameplay videos


The protagonist of the sci-fi shooter Terminator Resistance prepares for the battle that awaits him against Skynet’s rebel machines in the dark-coloured universe of the latest video game developed by Teyon at Reef Entertainment.

As illustrated by the authors through the recent videos dedicated to the stealth component of Terminator Resistance, their new project breaks away from the actions taken by the heroes of the last film Terminator Dark Destiny to focus on the figure of Jacob Rivers.

Escaped from the devastation caused by the Judgment Day and the ruthless manhunt undertaken by the cyborgs of Skynet, the Resistance member who will interpret for the duration of the adventure will have to gain the trust of the other survivors and succeed, in doing so, in acquiring the experience and the elements of equipment necessary to stem the advance of the machines . The two videos (and the images you find in the gallery at the bottom of the news) illustrate the main elements that will outline the narrative and gameplay dynamics of this interesting production.

Despite the postponement to December in the North American version, here the launch of Terminator Resistance was and continues to be scheduled for November 15th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.