Diablo 4: first details on the functioning of the loot system and the runes

Diablo 4

The announcement of Diablo 4 was the most memorable moment of BlizzCon 2019 (although not even the presentation of Overwatch 2 jokes). No wonder, then, that there is a hunger for new information on the most famous hack ‘n’ slash series ever, for which there is still a long time to go.

Directly from the Diablo 4 Unveiled panel held at BlizzCon 2019, the first details on the loot system arrived, described as an evolution of those offered in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. As always, players will have to destroy hordes of demons in search of new weapons, equipment, runes and many other objects of an increasing rarity in order to dramatically increase their power. Blizzard has confirmed the return of Legendary items and Sets. The former will be much larger than in the past, while the latter will be designed to be less influential, although effective. The Diablo 3 endgame could not ignore the use of complete Sets, a situation that Blizzard intends to change to offer players greater freedom in creating builds even at higher levels.

Irvine’s company has also confirmed that the objects will be able to count on a prefix and an affix, as well as on the embedded runes and their combinations. For example, the Insulating Highland Vestment of Fortifying armor can have both a Vex and a Dol rune embedded in it. The Insulating prefix guarantees 12% frost resistance, the Fortifying affix offers a 6.5% damage reduction, while the Vex-Dol combination allows for a 50% increase in the critical probability after taking a health potion (the latter will also be plundered in Diablo 4).

The equipment slots can accommodate a helmet, armor, gloves, leggings, shoes, a necklace, and two rings, to which are added two slots for weapons.