SingStar retires: Sony will shut down the servers after 15 years of service


Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that January 31st, 2020 will definitively deactivate the SingStar and SingStore servers “after fifteen incredible years” of service.

From that day on, the network features will no longer be active, so it will no longer be possible to buy new tracks and share content on (all previously shared content will be removed). Of course, you can continue to have fun with previously purchased and downloaded songs. Attention, however: after that date, on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2, it will no longer be possible to download previously purchased content. Therefore, if you still play on PS2 and PS3, make sure you download all the digital content you purchased before January 31st, 2020 to your hard drive. On PlayStation 4, instead, it will be possible to download them even after closing. The developers also let us know that after that date it will no longer be possible to get all the trophies: if you are a trophy hunter, we advise you to do everything possible before the servers go offline.

In summary, the following features will always be present in offline mode:

  • Reproduction of the tracks on physical disks
  • Reproduction of digital tracks previously purchased and downloaded to the hard disk
  • Only PS4 owners can download the previously downloaded and deleted tracks again. For PS3 / PS2 owners this will not be possible: if a downloaded song is deleted, it cannot be downloaded again.
  • Play Party Mode
  • Consultation and saving of offline records
  • Recording and storage of videos and snapshots on the PlayStation hard drive
  • Creating playlists

From 31 January 2020:

  • The purchase or download of new tracks will not be possible or available
  • You will not be able to view, upload or interact with user-generated online content (UGC)
  • You will not be able to share the recorded multimedia content at the end of a performance on any of the available public sharing platforms (for example Facebook, Twitter, PSN or the SingStar community)
  • You will not be able to track and record records online
  • You will no longer be able to complete the challenges online

You will not be able to unlock the following trophies:

  • Snoop
  • Debut concert
  • Admirer
  • SingStar