Why will Pokémon Sword and Shield have self-rescue? Merit of Switch!

Pokemon Merit of Switch!

Pokémon Sword and Shield will include many new features for the series, including optional auto-rescue. For the first time ever it won’t be necessary to stop and save since the game will do everything automatically. However, veterans may also decide to disable the function and do it the old way.

During an interview granted to Eurogamer Portugal, producer Junichi Masuda, and director Shigeru Ohmori explained that, if the team decided to include this opportunity, it was due to Nintendo Switch: “Switch’s hardware pushed us to make this decision. On Game Boy, 3DS and other platforms, saving took a certain amount of time, players had to stop and wait for the operation to finish. This time, we have more powerful hardware in our hands. ” After realizing that saving on Switch would be almost instantaneous, Game Freak evaluated the potential impact of the function on the gameplay and finally decided to implement it.

The coaches will, in any case, be given complete freedom of choice: “Surely there are players who prefer to save independently: for them, we have added the option to disable the option. And even if the auto-save is active, it is equally can be saved manually”.

Apparently, Switch’s sleep mode has also proved to be decisive for the choice: “Switch owners usually put the console in sleep mode, which if left on for a long time without recharging can drain the battery. If that happened, progress would be lost. In light of this, the self-rescue function seemed the safest solution. ” Masuda and Ohmori then promised that it will not be at all invasive: “Obviously, the game will not save after your every action, but in very specific situations, such as after the level up and following the evolution of a Pokémon, or situations where the loss of progress would be devastating “ .

And you, are you happy with the introduction of self-rescue? Please note that despite this feature, Pokémon Sword and Shield will not support the cloud backups of Nintendo Switch Online. The two games will be launched exclusively for Switch on November 15th.