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Don’t expect more Nintendo mini-consoles soon

Nintendo mini-consoles

Do you expect new Classic Mini consoles from Nintendo? Make yourself comfortable too …

If, after the market success of  NES Mini and  SNES Mini, you expected new arrivals for the classic Nintendo retro-console collection, you can probably sit back and wait. Interviewed by The Verge portal  , Nintendo of America’s president, Doug Bowser, wanted to point out that at the moment the Kyoto company has no plan for other looks in the past, but rather is entirely focused on designing its future, after the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite and in view of future titles coming to the platform – and, moreover, with the strength of the Switch Online line-up.

In the President’s words:

Right now, we are absolutely focused on our dedicated platforms, such as Nintendo Switch Lite and our flagship, Nintendo Switch. I think the gameplay experiences you’ve seen in some of our classic consoles, launched some time ago, are now available on Nintendo Switch Online: we’ll focus on that.

In short, the classics will pass through  Nintendo Switch Online and its growing library of titles for NES and SNES, rather than seeing the launch of other dedicated mini-consoles. An approach that approved, considering that with the payment of the subscriptions to online services, you have the right to all the titles in the library that will be offered, without further costs, or do you prefer to take home a collector’s mini-console?