Home News Hermen Hulst of Guerrila is the new head of Sony Worldwide Studios

Hermen Hulst of Guerrila is the new head of Sony Worldwide Studios

Hermen Hulst

Time for big maneuvers at Sony: Guerrilla Games co-founder becomes responsible for Sony Worldwide Studios

It’s time for big maneuvers ahead of the next-gen, in the PlayStation house. After the departure of the chairman of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, had been made official in the scors days, we learn that  Hermen Hulst, co-founder and managing director of  Guerrilla Games, is officially at the head of Worldwide Studios.

In conjunction with the rise to “power” of Hulst, there is also the step backward of President  Shuhei Yoshida, who leaves his post to follow more closely small independent studios that will work precisely for PlayStation.

Jim Ryan, president, and CEO of PlayStation wanted to emphasize that Hulst is European, a detail that should make PlayStation fans in the Old Continent happy:

Hermen is a European and will play one of the most important positions at PlayStation. I think everyone in Europe should be enthusiastic and proud of what is happening.

Concerning the figure of the Guerrilla Games professional, Ryan adds:

Hermen is one of the most efficient and respected leaders in this industry. He is a staunch defender of the leading teams and understands that empowering creative talent is necessary to build great experiences. I have no doubt that Hermen can guide our teams so that they can offer engaging and differentiated experiences with good regularity.

We cannot but wish Hulst and Yoshida good work for their new offices.