Home News The new Novak Chandelier is available in GTA Online

The new Novak Chandelier is available in GTA Online

GTA Online

Triple rewards in the series of wild challenges in San Andreas and more

GTA Online has now made the new Novak Chandelier available from Legendary Motorsport.

Also, whether it’s tracking a container or escorting an armored van to the Diamond, this week ‘s casino assignments are full of fun and rewards thanks to  GTA $, RP and double casino chips up for grabs.

Jump into the casino lobby and Diamond Resort in GTA Online and take a free spin at the lucky wheel to win GTA $,  RP, clothing and more. The first prize of the week is the  Vysser Neo, a sports car so sophisticated that using it to go too fast food seems almost a crime. Almost.

Finally, among the discounts offered this week we find:

  • All garages – 35% discount
  • Ocelot Locust (sport) – 25% discount
  • Pfister Comet Retro Custom (sport) – 40% discount
  • Karin Sultan RS (supercar) – 40% discount
  • Vapid GB200 (sport) – 40% discount
  • Grotti Itali GTO (sports) – 40% discount
  • Grotti Turismo Classic (classic sports) – 40% discount
  • Hijak Ruston (sports) – 40% discount
  • Declasse Drift Tampa (sport) – 40% discount
  • Vapid Flash GT (sport) – 40% discount
  • Vehicle blinds – 40% discount
  • Bulletproof tires – 40% discount
  • Exclusive changes from Benny’s – 40% discount
  • Brakes and maneuverability – 35% discount
  • Suspensions – 40% discount
  • Transmissions – 40% discount
  • Engines – 40% discount

Time to go shopping on GTA Online?