Home News The Stretchers is now available on Nintendo Switch

The Stretchers is now available on Nintendo Switch


Ready to collaborate on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch armed players can now get their hands on The Stretchers, the new cooperative puzzle game developed by Tarsier Studios and released by Nintendo. The title can be purchased digitally on  Nintendo eShop and puts you in the shoes of two para-doctors, each armed with his Joy-Con, obviously called to save the people who need your help.

In this way you will be able to guide your ambulance to where it is needed, striving to reach your patients: you will have to break through walls, soar into the sky and even face dangers of every kind to try to get the better of adversity. Finally, you will be able to grab the victim and carry him on your stretcher up to the ambulance – aware that the path that the will not be.

In addition to the main tasks, there will also be secondary missions in the game – cutting down trees, building ramps, blowing up rocks and even playing hide-and-seek with your friends.