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Yes, the likes are coming back to Instagram


The social network of images and photos par excellence is retracing its steps

Some time ago,  Instagram had launched a curious idea, in a world in which social networks are based on Likes: hiding this data , leaving it visible only to the user author of the post, so that others did not feel obliged to leave a little heart in a photo or video just because they had done it in so many others. According to Facebook Inc., this choice would have placed more emphasis on the content, rather than on the person who posted it, giving a new meaning to the expression of appreciation.

All this, at least, until recently, since now some Italian users are reporting the return of Likes. And all this is happening while in the US they are still being removed.

Is it possible that Facebook Inc. is trying different experiments in different regions, to finally decide what to do? Possible, even if for now in Italy the Likes are shown only when the post exceeds the thousand. Could it be a solution that will make influencers happy?