Nintendo expects large numbers from Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Head of state Shuntaro Furukawa discloses Nintendo’s substantial expectations for Mario Kart Tour

We know that Mario Kart Tour has had a truly essential launch and, according to Nintendo head of state Shuntaro Furukawa, will certainly continue this course. Before the investors of the Kyoto residence, the manager described that this excellent launching with the mobile title will lead to “impressive” numbers, considering that there are numerous individuals currently playing there.

In Furukawa’s words:

I think Mario Kart Tour had a great debut, even compared to our previous mobile apps. Taking into consideration also what was done by  Super Mario Run , which is enjoying over 300 million consumers, we think we can expect  remarkable results from  Mario Kart Tour.

We remind you that the video game is offered absolutely free because last September 25th, but uses the opportunity to unlock material with a gacha system, along with a monthly pass for $5, by subscription.