Norman Reedus on Death Stranding: all-natural to help other individuals


The star who plays Sam Porter Bridges talked about some elements of the game, keeping in mind also the similarities in between the protagonist of Death Stranding and his Daryl of The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus is the face of Death Stranding, being the actor who provided body and soul to Sam Porter Bridges, the lead character of the initial video game of the now independent Kojima Productions. The TGCOM24 newsroom had the opportunity to rest at a table with the popular musician, also known most importantly for his function as Daryl in The Walking Dead, speaking with him concerning some aspects of the game, including his joint approach – however not only: there is additionally talk of the resemblances between Sam and also Daryl.

The importance of working together

Death Stranding is a video game with a joint asynchronous multiplayer. This implies that, once the stages in which you are presented to the technician’s relapse, the player locates himself in an open world that will certainly be populated by the frameworks he will certainly be able to build, working together with all the others “Sam Porter Bridges” around for the world.

According to Reedus, this kind of approach, within the video game, emphasizes the need for individuals, naturally, to work together as well as do things together rather than isolate themselves. In the words of the actor:

We see video games where the only goal is to get to the next level, kill everyone in the room , destroy all the candy on the screen, explore another building. In Death Stranding there are no levels, it’s about putting people back together , real people who maybe play alone in a room but somehow are connected to each other. This is about exploring this type of connection.

To symbolize this approach is first of all Sam, according to Reedus, who must find to his need as well as his all-natural proneness to establish connections with others:

[…] during the game, he changes and the player changes with him and it becomes natural to have connections with others, make friends, also because everyone has the same goal. It becomes natural to help other people, grow together with the game. It’s not about leveling up, it’s about reaching another emotional level.

Working at Death Stranding
From behind the scenes, Reedus additionally stated that dealing with Death Stranding was hard in all: to shoot the scene of the well-known very first trailer, in which Sam cries holding a youngster – only to see him vanish from frame to structure as well as search for him while tar hands appeared to him, it was much from very easy. Kojima Productions, nonetheless, decided to shoot numerous scenes with the Norman man, instead of with actor Norman Reedus.

The musician informs that he was shot at different times when he just damaged his head or was thoughtful, that they were utilized to make Sam a guy, also in his small motions, as though he was perceived as a genuine person – which, thus, the player felt he was really the protagonist of Death Stranding.

To assist, in all this, there was the insanity of Hideo Kojima in the stages of capturing: while, states Reedus, typically when he turns there are extremely rigorous decisions based on what was embedded in the script, the Japanese video game director was open as well as constantly volcanic to proposals. Reedus informed his TGCOM24 associates:

Normally when you make a film the director has very clear ideas about what you have to do and the set is pretty strict. You have to imagine that things are only one way. Maybe, for example, I take a pillow and the director says ‘no, you can’t have a pillow in this scene’ because the script is rigid. With Hideo Kojima it was different: if I told him ‘I think I should have a pillow in this scene’ he replied: ‘a pillow? Let’s put four of them and also bring a lamp. “

According to Reedus, additionally, Sam and also Daryl adhere to the very same path: the personality of The Walking Dead, apparently so abrupt, open progressively, less and less burrowed inside itself. A destiny with which, the star expects, even Sam will have to challenge, in his course, uncovering connections with other humans.