The Witcher 3: Ciri’s tattoo is the greatest regret of CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: Ciri's tattoo is the greatest regret of CD Projekt RED

“There was truly no room to disentangle this complex episode in Bush Hunt, as well as it’s a shame”

CD Projekt RED has a terrific regret for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and also worries the personality of Ciri.

If you have read the books you will recognize that one of Ciri’s tattoos shows a crimson rose, which symbolizes love with the personality of The Witcher, Mistle.

However, in the video game, the tattoo was not shifted onto the body of the personality, because the story concerning him would certainly have been as well intricate to depict.

“There was really no room to untangle this complex episode in The Wild Hunt, and it’s a shame,” explained principal writer Jakub Szamalek.

“In this moment of her life, Ciri has turned to her darker side, following her worst instincts. Showing this transition and the remorse that followed would have led to a great story “.

Szamalek has actually nonetheless opened up to the possibility that this tale will certainly be backtracked in the future, so a The Witcher 4 or whatever it will certainly be called centered on Ciri does not seem crazy.