The Best Contact Sport in the World: Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a contact sport that is loved by the entire world. It is a contact sport that is played on ice, most of the time professional ice hockey is played indoors, in a rink but in many countries where the temperature in the winter drops below freezing and the lakes freeze over, many players use that opportunity to play their beloved sport.

Ice hockey is a game that is played by two teams consisting of six players each, and their goal is to get a rubber puck through the opposition team’s goal. The teams use hockey sticks and skates as their equipment, and they skate around the rink trying to get the rubber puck into the goal of the opposing team. The team that has the most number of goals in certain time wins the game. There are multiple rules and regulations that are needed to be followed in a game and there are fouls, penalties and extra time if there is a need for it.

Ice hockey is the national winter game of Canada and the game is also popular among many other countries especially including the ones that have winters that are below freezing temperatures. There are multiple international and national tournaments that are held every year, and all these tournaments are governed by IIHF, an international ice hockey federation. There are multiple leagues for this game, and NHL, the national hockey league holds the highest standard among all others.

Origin of Ice Hockey

The origin of the games goes as far back as the early 1800s, in Nova Scotia, by the Micmac Indians, history tells us that those Indians were inspired by the Irish game of hurling. During the mid-1800 the British soldiers spread the game throughout Canada and from them, the game evolved, deriving from English field hockey and Indian lacrosse. The first ice hockey as we know today was played indoors in a rink in 1875 and borrowed many rules from the traditional field hockey. This game laid the foundation for what we know ice hockey to be.

Fans of the Game

There is a wide variety of fans of the game, some prefer the international version of the game, whereas many people prefer the league games, but we can safely assume that every fan of the game appreciates the game itself. Many fans use their knowledge of the game and use bet365 to place bets on the teams and try to win large sums of money. These fans are also responsible for the huge market of collectibles that have surfaced recently.


The international ice hockey federation was formed in 1908, and there were only 5 member countries to join at the time. 1910 was the first European championship that was held in Switzerland and Great Britain won the games. Canada was the first country to win the Olympics in 1920, and Canada dominated the games until the Russian team in the 1960s. For most of the 20th century, the competitions were mostly dominated by amateur athletes. In 1955, there was an agreement between the NHL, NHL players association and the IIHF and they collectively ended the amateur denomination in the field of ice hockey and only professional players were allowed to participate in the games. The women were allowed to take part in the ice hockey tournaments in Canada in 1892, and the first international championship was held in 1990. Considering the dates, women have been playing ice hockey for the past 100 years, and might be the sport that has the longest history of women players. 

In Essence

Ice hockey is a game that is loved by many fans, it has become an international sport and many fans use to bet on ice hockey and win a large sum of money making their games more interesting. Everything written about this article represents only our personal opinions.

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