How To Get More Than 50 Extra Spins For Free In Coin Master

If there is a game that is triumphing among players around the world that is Coin Master. The title is simple, straightforward and suitable for children to play from the smallest to the oldest. As long as they look for a mechanic that doesn’t go beyond pulling the slot lever and getting cards. And it is the basis to advance in this game. But what happens if you run out of runs? What can you do to speed up the game? Here we tell you a couple of tricks.


All you will need is a little patience and follow these steps. The trick is to create fake Facebook accounts to befriend and be able to send game requests. You will know that with each new friend who joins you will receive no less than 50 rolls. So you can repeat this process several times and move quickly in the game. The most comfortable thing is that you do this trick in front of a computer, and with your mobile nearby. And, above all, use an incognito tab in Google Chrome to avoid any problem.

The first thing is to create an email account. Instead of carrying out the usual process in Gmail, we can use the temporary accounts offered by some web services. Basically it is like creating a random account and having your inbox instantly for this type of management. Do not use it to receive private data. Just access to see one of these accounts. Copy it to have it on the clipboard for the next step.

The second is to create a new account on the social network Facebook with this temporary mail. To do this we go to the Facebook website (without logging in or entering any information before) and paste the email account previously copied. We invent a name and a surname and randomly select a date of birth and sex. And voila, we create the account. Remember that you will have to confirm your identity with the password that Facebook sends you to the email. You will have to leave the Temporary Mail tab open to check the inbox and view that code.

From this moment we will use the fake Facebook account to send a friend invitation to our original social network account. And we must be friends with ourselves to carry out this trick.

Once we accept the request, it only remains to go to Coin Master and do the same with the villages. That is, invite as a friend to that new and false Facebook account.

fake Facebook account
We return to Facebook and accept the invitation of the game so that the link is effective. With this fact, we will be friends with ourselves and we will have added those 50 free spins in just a couple of minutes.

But how to further improve this trick? Easy: repeating it several times. Use the website to create new email accounts, and with the new Facebook accounts. It’s a tedious thing, but the reward is worth it.


The free alternative to get runs is to launch Coin Master invitations at its discretion. Of course, if our contacts do not click on the link or end up downloading the game there will be no reward. Or, if we have enough patience, we can also see advertising ads in exchange for a single run. A task that will take us much of our time with few results. But it is the only less tedious formula to avoid having to pay real money in exchange for these runs.

pulled by ads in Coin Master
Otherwise, we will only have to wait for the corresponding time for which Coin Master rewards us with coin master free spins. And, as we say, the mechanics of the game is tremendously simple. Luckily there are those who have found keys to speed it up and have fun with the slot machine, its really fun.

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