Battleborn Towards the End, Closing of Servers Announced by 2K Games


2K Games has announced the closure of the official servers for Battleborn, which therefore has a fixed deadline at this point, although still quite far.

Battleborn has never had an easy life with the fierce competition that has found itself immediately, as a multiplayer shooter based on heroes with various abilities, so its possible closure has always hovered in the air without ever materializing, until now in which the conclusion period was finally established.

A few hours ago, 2K Games finally announced the conclusion of the experience for Battleborn with a specific period regarding the closure of the servers, set for January 2021. To tell the truth it is still a rather distant date, which gives the game even more than a year of life, confirming that the title in question has always seemed a sort of flop but in truth, it is in a less negative situation of what you might think.

In any case, the approach to this closure has already begun some time ago: already two years ago, Gearbox decided to block updates for Battleborn, effectively closing the official support and condemning it to a long stalemate devoid of evolution but with some degree of support still active.

At this point, we know for sure that Battleborn will be closed in January 2021, the moment from which the game can no longer be played in any way. Released in May 2016, the Gearbox title is a shooter with MOBA elements based on heroes that have nevertheless experienced certain notoriety and continues to be played by a passionate community, which at this point has yet another year of activity in the world of play.