Fable 4, Artwork and Images on the Alleged Playground Games Project Emerge Online


Concept artist Rodrigo Idalino published online and then removed some images apparently linked to a Playground Games project that seems to have something to do with Fable 4.

We return to talk about Fable 4, although its existence has not yet been made official, because images have emerged that seem to refer to the game in question, presumably being developed by the Forza Horizon team, Playground Games and perhaps planned for Xbox Scarlett.

On the basis of various reports, it seems that the freelance concept artist Rodrigo Idalino has recently published on his ArtStation page some illustrations that seem to be part of studies for Fable 4. As you can see below, there are various artwork, illustrations, and sketches, as well as real studies on the graphic style to be adopted, which recall the particular “exotic” medieval fantasy of the Fable series.

Some images are branded directly Playground Games, which reinforces the idea that it can be Fable 4, a project that according to many rumors would have been under development for some time now with the Forza Horizon 4 and earlier team.

At the official level, we only know that Playground Games is working on a new project detached from its historical and apparently large-caliber racing series. It would appear to be an open-world action RPG for which the team has expanded a lot, hiring very experienced staff. The game could be part of the Xbox Scarlett lineup, of course, considering development times and potential release.

For some time now it has emerged that this project could actually be Fable 4 and the images published online by Idalino and then promptly removed would seem to confirm this hypothesis. Obviously, we take everything as simple rumors.